Bermuda Employment Statistics.

The Employment Survey is conducted annually with mandatory participation for all employers. The information gathered depicts the trends in the Bermuda job market overtime and is the basis for a variety of reports.

Employment Briefs

The Employment Briefs generated by the Department of statistics are based on the data collected from the previous year's Employment Survey. It gives a quick summary of employment trends over a specified duration of time.
Career Development Officers can use this information to:
  • Develop a current understanding of Bermuda's employment landscape
  • Identify sectors that have experienced growth as well as job loss
  • Identify opportunities that may become available if clients re-tool

Bermuda Standard Classification of Occupations

The Bermuda Standard Classification of Occupations (BSCO) was most recently revised in 2014 by the Department of Statistics. It serves as a guide for employers to classify their employees in various occupations. The information presented begins to identify primary responsibilities associated with an occupation in the Bermuda Job Market. This information is critical as career development officers work with clients to explore interests and shape expectations with respect to opportunities and the requisite knowledge and skill sets associated with occupations. It can support conversations around training and development as well as developing a realistic understanding of occupational expectations and opportunities in the local market.


  • Using the Employment Briefs, what predictions might you make with respect to employment trends?
  • What training/further education goals work with a client to development to prepare for predicted areas of job growth?
  • Consider your clientele's characteristics (recently unemployed, current skill level, employment experience, educational background, etc.).
  • How would you use information in the BSCO to develop training and development plans for your client pool.