21st Century Workers.

"...must master the skills required in a knowledge-society as well as the new skills necessary to move beyond the Information Age into the Conceptual Age...".

The 21st Century Workplace

The Skills Employees Need to Succeed

The National Institute for Professional Practice has identified a selection of skills essential to success as we navigate the 21st Century.

The Skills Students Need to Succeed

Understanding the framework for 21st century learning  is useful for counsellors working in the school system and career development officers in general. It provides a foundation for practitioners to reflect on the structure of their respective organisations as well as the development of seminars and training modules designed to promote client skill development. Read the following to get a deeper understanding of the framework proposed by the Partnership for learning in the 21st Century.

Reflection Activity

  • How does your current work with clients reflect either set of proposed 21st Century skills?
  • How do the 21st Century Skills identified as necessary for success in the academic environment align with those proposed for employability in a workplace defined by constant and rapid evolution?