Bermuda's Labour Laws.

Awareness of the laws governing employment and employment related issues strengthens a career development officer's ability to advocate, educate, and empower his/her clients.

Bermuda Laws Online

Bermuda Laws Online (BLO) provides access to a database of Bermuda's Statutes and Statutory Instruments. The database has been used to source the links provided below for ease of access by career development officers. The Links provided below represent the Consolidated Laws, the Public Acts and Statutory Instruments as amended by subsequent amending Legislation.

 The Employment Act 2000

Provides the minimum standards for the terms and conditions of employment for full-time employees in Bermuda.

Human Rights Act 1981

Details Bermuda's alignment with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as set forth by the United Nations.

Labour Relations Act 1975

Provides the framework for settlement of labour disputes via conciliation or arbitration.

Labour Disputes Act 1992

Details the procedures for the establishment of a Labour Disputes Tribunal.

Trade Union Act 1965

Details the certification/decertification of Unions in both the public and private sectors. Also details the parameters in which unions can operate in Bermuda.

Workers Compensation Act 1965