Our Mission

To ensure that every Bermudian has the opportunity to access support required to meet his or her career development goals; to ensure that resources targeting workforce development are maximized by reducing workforce development duplication and addressing deficiencies; and to provide a workforce development vehicle in which all three sectors of the community participate and collaborate.

Our mission will be achieved by implementing the following steps:

  1. Implement a public-private community initiative that enables coordination, collaboration and service integration amongst existing workforce initiatives
  2. Implement a scheme through a dedicated task team to assess current workforce development initiatives in terms of capacity, service integration, quality, and impact
  3. Work with industry partners to strengthen the provision of career advice provided to students. Work with industry partners to help them modernize human resources practices.
  4. Re-connect at-risk youth with educational, training and workplace opportunities
  5. Support initiatives aimed at getting the unemployed and under-employed back to work