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To ensure that every Bermudian has the opportunity to access support required to meet his or her career development goals; to ensure that resources targeting workforce development are maximized by reducing ...

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My.Future Bermuda Getting Started

The National Intake Process Pilot Project has been launched and will continue for a three month period. The Department of Workforce Development, the Adult Education School and the Bermuda College are participating in the project. Following the pilot all participants including clients, CDOs and administrators will conduct evaluations and produce a comprehensive report.

Career Development Officer Training

In keeping with the commitment to ensure best practices MyFuture.Bermuda has secured funding from the Bank of Bermuda Foundation to enroll seven career counsellors in the Global Career Development Facilitator Certificate programme.

My.Future.Bermuda Bulletins

As the National Intake Process progresses, periodic bulletins and reports will be published and available on this site.